HTGYE 2017/2018 Series 2 - FKE Caree Day

Date     16 March 2018 (Friday)
Time     : 8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Venue   : Block P19a - Level 4 & 5, FKE (Registration counter in block P19a lobby, ground floor)
Attire     : Men     - Long sleeved shirts, slacks (not jeans) leather shoes and tie.
               Ladies  - Baju Kurung or any appropriate suit (e.g. long skirts / loose slacks).
Note      : 1. Breakfast & lunch are not provided to students. 
                2. Students are not allowed to park in the vicinity of block P19a.
                3. Briefing to students will be held at 9.00 am Tutorial Room 1. Students that have been   
                    scheduled for afternoon session do not need to attend the morning briefing session (Intel &                          SKP schedule as below)
                4. Students that have yet to be listed can come to register for walk-in interview session in the                            morning and will be notified later before afternoon should companies be willing to allocate                            time for an interview. Else, another mock interview session will be organized accordingly.
                5. For Intel interviewee, please take note on the scheduled time and take into account the                                notifications given below:

                 6. For SKP Resources Interviewee, you are all required to prepare presenting on your                                       Final Year Project. The scheduled time for SKP interviewee is as the following:
                     9.30 am - 12.30pm
                     1. Asyraff Aiman
                     2. Chuan Mu Wen
                     3. Low Zi Han
                     4. Tong Siew Yee
                     5. Jayson Lim
                     6. Muhammad Izzudin
                    1.30 pm - 5.30 pm
                     >> the rest of the candidates

                 7. Keysight Technologies interviewee are required to attend a talk by Keysight personnel after  
                     the morning student's briefing session at tutorial room 1.

                 8. Interview session will commence around 9.30 / 9.45 am and be held at the following rooms:
                     1) Keysight     - Tutorial Room 2, level 4, block P19a
                     2) Intel            - Tutorial Room 6, level 5, block P19a
                     3) SKP            - Tutorial Room 7, level 5, block P19a
                     4) Flex            - Tutorial Room 8, level 5, block P19a
                     5) Mindmatic  - Tutorial Room 9, level 5, block P19a
                     6) Oppstar      - Tutorial Room 10, level 5, block P19a

                9. List of exempted students from attending 16th March HTGYE program include
                     1) Attendees of JPA program on 16th of March 2018
                     2) Interviewee of Oppstar (15th of March 2018)
                      3) Those listed as per the URL link below: