HTGYE 2019/2020 Series 1 - How To Get Yourself Employed Seminar

To all final year SKE students,

How To  Get Yourself  Employed (HTGYE) is a compulsory  program for  UTM final  year  under-graduates, stipulated as  prerequisite for graduation. It is designed to expose prospective UTM graduates with the knowledge and skills required for the job market. The main objective of this program is to assist graduating students in understanding the job-hunting process and guiding them to get the job. This semester School of Electrical Engineering (SKE) HTGYE seminar will be conducted as per below:


Date     : 18th October 2018 (Friday)

Time     : 8.15 am - 12.45 pm

Venue  : Dewan Kuliah 7, Block N24 

Attire    : Men     - Long sleeved shirts, slacks (not jeans) and shoes

               Ladies - Baju Kurung or appropriate suit(e.g. long skirts/loose slacks)


There will be 3 talks from invited industry speakers, namely on 

     1. Recent trend in job employment practices

     2. Preparing for job interview

     3. Presenting personal profile and CV


Important Notes  : 1. Breakfast & lunch are not provided to students. 

                            2. Please bring note books and resume.



SKE-HTGYE participants are required to download and fill in the brief resume template in the link below. 

1-page Resume Template

1)Each student is required to email the softcopy version of the resume to the email below before     17th of October 2019 (Thursday).

    SKEE students :

    SKEL students :

    SKEM students :

2) Each student is required to bring the hardcopy resume during the HTGYE seminars.


Should students have any enquiry, please contact the HTGYE committee below:

SKEE students :

Dr. Norzanah Rosmin - 

Dr. Osman Ayop - 


SKEL students :

Dr. Mohd. Shahrizal Rusli - 

Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz -


SKEM students :

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong Che Fai - 

Dr. Anita Ahmad -