Resumes Submission for Job/Mock Interview Arrangement (HTGYE 2018/2019 Series 2)

To all final year School of Electrical Engineering (SKE) students, due date for resume submission as per the HTGYE seminar's briefing is 30th November 2018 (Friday). Please submit your updated particulars using the resume template in the link below. The resume should be ONE (1) to TWO (2) pages only.


The resume should be submitted through the following emails:

Final year undergraduates :
SKEE Program -
SKEL Program -
SKEM Program -

Your email's title : CV FOR HTGYE (GROUP ?)

SKE Final Year Students Grouping:

SKEE Program

SKEL Program

SKEM Program

Students can download the full-list grouping from the link below:

Should students have any enquiry, please contact the HTGYE committee below:
SKEE students :
Dr. Norzanah Rosmin - 
Dr. Osman Ayop - 

SKEL students :
Dr. Mohd. Shahrizal Rusli - 
Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz -

SKEM students :
 Dr. Yeong Che Fai -